Create a Security Group

A step-by-step guide to creating a Security Group in the portal

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A Security Group is a virtual firewall that controls inbound and outbound traffic to your Instances. You can define inbound and outbound rules for your Security Group separately. 

To create a new Security Group, expand Cloud Menu and click on Security Group.

On the bottom-right of the screen, click the Create new security group button. 

In the Create security group popup, select a region, enter a name and description for the Security Group and click CREATE.

The Security Group is created and appears on the Security Group section of the Dashboard.

The next step is to add rules to the Security Group. To add rules, click the + button on the Security Group Widget.

In the Add rule popup, enter the following details:

1. Select the Protocol

2. Enter a description (optional)

3. Select source type (traffic direction)

4. Select source for the rule: IP address or another Security Group

5. Specify the IP address rule or the Security Group name based on (4) above.

6. Click the ADD RULE button. 

Once the rule is created, you can verify it in the Security Group widget.

Repeat these steps for each of the rules you wish to add to the Security Group. You can add/update/delete rules on the fly and the changes will take effect almost immediately.

Commonly used Rules

Remote Access

To enable remote access in a Linux machine, add SSH rule (Port 22) to the Ingress Rules. 

To enable remote access in a Windows instance, add RDP rule (Port 3389) to the Ingress Rules

Web Server

If the instance hosts a web server like IIS, Apache, JBoss, etc., add HTTP (Port 80) and HTTPS (Port 443) to the Ingress Rules

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