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A step-by-step guide to register a domain name in the portal

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A domain name allows you to host your own website and redirect requests to your servers where they can be intercepted and served. 

To register a new domain, expand the Domain menu and click on Register domain

In the Register domain screen, enter the domain name you wish to register and click the CHECK button.

If the domain name is not available, you'll see an error message similar to this:

If the domain name is available, you will see the pricing and other options to proceed with the registration.

Domain name

The domain name you wish to register. This must be a globally unique name. If the name is already registered, you will receive an error message. You must also specify the TLD (Top Level Domain) name like .com, .net, etc.

Period of registration

The time period for which you wish to register the domain name. It can range between 1 and 10 years. At the end of this period, you must renew the registration within a specified time period failing which you may lose the domain name.

Nameserver selection

Leave the Use default nameservers checkbox checked (recommended), unless you wish to point the domain to a different hosting provider.

Domain contact

You can choose either of the following options:

1. Use client as contact: This option uses the current client contact and the details are displayed below for confirmation.

2. Select a domain contact: Select a contact that is already created under Domain -> Domain contacts.

Most of these options cannot be changed once the domain is registered. So, review the selected options carefully and click the REGISTER DOMAIN button. In the next popup, click PLACE ORDER.

Once the order is placed, a Proforma Invoice is generated. You must initiate payment to this invoice, and once payment is successfully completed, the domain registration process starts. To view the Proforma Invoice, expand Billing menu and click Invoices

To pay the Invoice, click the widget to go to the expanded view.

Before initiating the payment, download the Invoice as a PDF file and verify the details. Click the DOWNLOAD PDF button. Open the downloaded PDF and verify the details.

After verifying the details, proceed to the Invoice screen to initiate the payment. Click the Select payment method dropdown and select the method you wish to use. In the Popup that appears, enter the payment details (like Card number, expiry, CVC, etc.) and click Submit Payment.

Once the payment is successful, you'll see the Invoice details and status should change to Paid. You will also be able to download the actual invoice by clicking the DOWNLOAD PDF button.

Contact Support

Once you are done with these steps, send an email to with the subject "Domain Name" followed by the name of the domain you just registered. For example, "Domain Name -" 

Verify Status

Go to Domains -> My Domains menu and check the status of the domain registration request. It should show status as Registration Pending till the registration is complete.

Wait for a few minutes for the registration to be complete and the new domain to be available.

The status 'Active' means that the domain registration is complete and you will be able to use the domain name to host your web site.

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