Resize a Volume

A step-by-step guide to resizing volumes in the portal

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A volume is a storage attached to an instance. When creating an instance, you specify a volume size that is created and attached to the instance. Later on, if your needs change and you decide to increase the size of the volume, you can can do it without losing data. 

Identify the volume

On the left side menu tree, expand Cloud and click on the Volumes menu item.

The Volumes section displays the list of all volumes created in the portal. By default, volumes are identified by a unique id and hence difficult to identify, and infer which instance the volume is attached to.

Easy Identification of Volumes

A better approach would be to go to the Instance widget and identify the volume from the VOLUMES tab.

Click on the volume name link and it will take you to the Volume widget.

Tip: Rename the volume to something readable. For example, you can name it <<Instance_name>>-BootVolume. In this case, IdeaDC-MySQL-1-BootVolume. Prefixing volume names with the Instance name helps in identifying volumes from volumes section.

The expanded Volume widget should look like this:

Now click on the Extend volume icon in the Volume widget.

  The Extend volume Popup appears. Enter the new size in GB and click the EXTEND button.

The volume extend request is scheduled. The actual time taken for completing the process depends on the contents of the volume, and usually takes a few seconds. Once the process is complete, you can view the new size in the volume widget.

You can also verify the disk size by loggining in to the instance through console and running the following command:

This completes the volume resize process.

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