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A step-by-step guide to resizing instances in the portal

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Resizing refers to the process of changing the configuration of the instance.

An instance's configuration refers to the amount of Memory, CPU and Disk space it was allocated when it was initially created. The cost of an instance is primarily determined by its configuration among other factors. Therefore, it is prudent to start off an instance with the least minimum required configuration and upsize it as needed.  

Upsizing refers to switching over to a higher configuration that the current one, and downsizing refers to switching over to a lower configuration. IdeaDC supports only upsizing an Instance and not downsizing. 

The Process

The process involved in resizing an instance:

1. You initiate resize by selecting the new configuration for the instance

2. The instance begins resizing and goes offline, and is not available till the process is complete.

2. Once the process is complete, the instance comes back online and enters the VERIFY RESIZE state

3. You login to the instance from the console or remote connection and verify that everything is fine.

4. You confirm or revert the resize process based on the outcome of step 3 above. 


Before beginning resizing an instance, make sure you have taken a backup of your important files.

Let's Start

To begin the resizing process, make a note of the current configuration from the Info tab of the instance.

Click on the Resize icon in the Instance widget.

The resize screen opens. Note the warning message:

1. Resize causes downtime.

2. Resize takes time depending on disk contents.

3. You can only resize to higher configuration, not the other way round.

Select the new configuration and click on Resize button. Read and accept the warning.

After this step, the Instance goes to the VERIFY RESIZE state

At this stage, you are expected to login to the instance and verify that it is working correctly as expected. If yes, you accept the resize by clicking the Confirm resize icon.

If there were some unexpected issues, you simply revert the process by clicking the Revert resize icon

This marks the completion of the Resize process and puts the instance back into normal state.

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