Terminate an instance

A step-by-step guide to terminating an instance in the poral

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Terminating an instance means permanently deleting the instance. There may be various reason why you may want to terminate an instance:

1. The Instance was created for a temporary purpose and is no longer needed.

2. The Instance type or Boot image was selected incorrectly during creation and you want to terminate it and create a new one with the correct parameters.

3. You are unable to connect to the instance due to network issues caused by incorrect configuration.

4. The instance was created to handle additional temporarily load and it can be terminated to save costs.

To permanently terminate an instance, click the Ellipsis button on the Instance widget and select Delete

On the confirmation popup, click DELETE INSTANCE button.

The instance is scheduled for deletion and a confirmation message is displayed.

After this, the instance is permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover it.

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